Lung Cancer

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This course discusses common adverse effects associated with combined modality regimens containing immune checkpoint inhibitors. Unique challenges associated with combined modality therapy are described.

This case-based course discusses the mechanisms of action and therapeutic indications for immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting PD-1/PD-L1 and CTLA4. Approaches for management of common immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicities are also outlined.

Surgical Options for the Treatment of Lung Cancer

This case-based course reviews the role of surgery in lung cancer care, including types of resection and surgical approaches for staging and treatment. Evaluation of surgical candidacy and pre-operative assessments is also discussed.

Screening and Prevention of Lung Cancer

This course describes the epidemiology and risk factors for lung cancer. Practical approaches for promoting tobacco cessation, the leading lung cancer prevention strategy, are presented. Guideline recommendations for lung cancer screening are discussed. A patient case is included.

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